Sunday, April 24, 2011

Kitchen ReArrange Attempt 1: FAIL

Happy Late Easter Everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. Good Friday I worked in my garden all morning and will have pictures to post later. Tomorrow is Curb Appeal Day for me. I'm sooo excited to get out there and get some much needed yard work done.
Today I thought I would blog about my first attempted kitchen rearrangement. I tried a couple of days ago to rearrange the kitchen. Which was easy because the three drawer cabinet and the pots and pans cabinet is not attached to the wall, very easy to pull it out. I proceeded to pull out the fridge and disconnect the water line. Which was so easy but then when it was time to shove the water line through the floor the hole was too small. I don't even know how they got it through there in the first place. I tried drilling a new hole beside it to make the hole bigger but I could not get it through the floor. I tried 2 different drill bits and nothing. The existing hole is between joists so it’s not like there is anything to hit there. FRUSTRATING... So close but soo far away. Not to mention Craig had woken up and gotten mad at me for ripping apart the kitchen but if he'd just help me move stuff or work on the house I wouldn't have to try by myself.
Another issue I had was the dishwasher drain. It sits like 2 inches too high. So looks like I might have some plumbing work ahead of me. On the plus side I found a place for my mirror and I did remove the horrible floating shelves I had in the kitchen.

I also turned my table and chairs. Not sure if I like it this way yet. Craig loves it, but I am leaning more the other way.

So attempt 1 Fail but at first you don't succeed, try try again.

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